Available from True Imprint are twenty ounce plastic sports bottles. These are cheaply made and printed with anything the customer wants. Anything from the logo of a sports team to the logo of a local business or company can be added to one or both sides. This makes them perfect for advertising and promotional items. The logo of a popular sports team can be printed on one side to get people to use them, while an advertisement for the sponsoring company can be added to the other side. People use them to support their team and get the constant reminder of the sponsor at the same time.

The bottles are widely customizable, and not just in what is printed on the plastic itself. The lid comes in orange, white, green, purple, teal, blue, red or black. and the printing color can be white, grey, red, orange, black, brown, khaki, lime green, Kelly green, yellow, lemon yellow, magenta, blue, light blue or pink. There is also an option for other should none of those colors be desirable. These colors can be used to promotion the team or other organization that the advertisement is piggybacked upon.

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