Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How long after I place my order will I see an art proof ?

Our art department is open Monday - Friday (sometimes we open on Saturdays too if we are extremely busy) But art usually takes 1-2 full Business days but sometimes it can take 3 days

for 90% of the orders we email the art in 1-2 days, on 3 rush ordes the art is processed a little faster


What does Basic Art Include ?

Basic Art includes type setting, touch ups and small artwork creation

but does not include re drawing of low quality logos, small clip art or images

What is the Screen Charge / Set up / Basic Artwork?

the screen printing process requires a stencil to be made, a film positive of the artwork, burning the screen and various other tasks which take up a lot of time. the basic artwork includes the resizing of the art, type setting and small artwork jobs



Clip art Templates