Ideas for Cozies and beer Coozies

Easily one of the least known, but best appreciated pieces of marketing, the coozies you collect from various events and functions are easy to use again and they make excellent collector’s items. When you start your own collection of coozies, don’t be afraid to branch out and actually design your own custom collection of coozies. If you need a particular reason to get creative with your very own design, you don’t need to look much farther than your everyday life.

Cozies for the Weekend
If you have a group of friends over weekly, perhaps for poker or maybe just for the entertainment of hanging out together and watching movies, why not have your own set of coozies made with your favorite movie quote or a slogan you use often during your games. Considering the number of drinks you enjoy during your poker, pool or movie games, you’ll be able to put those cozies to plenty of use.

Of course, you can also get your buddy his own collection of custom coozies for his castle if you’re looking for the perfect gag gift or a light-hearted attempt at findings something everyone can actually enjoy at a party. Think of something particularly funny and use that message or image on the custom cozies. Every time you visit, you’ll be able to really share and enjoy the memories over again thanks to the coozies. After all, Cozie last forever!

With coozies, you’re able to do exactly the same thing. You can tell the difference between various bottles of beer simply by looking at the color or the message on the coozies. If you’re particularly creative, you can make a significant difference in the coozies by adding even more flare and fun by gluing on sparkles and feathers. If you’re dealing with primarily male guests, of course, you might want to skip the rhinestones in leui of different colors or messages, but your female guests will appreciate a bit of beautification simply for the sake of enhancing your coozies even more.

Coozies and Possibilities
There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to finding the best type of coozie for your particular event or just because it would be a great deal of fun to have a certain style or set of coozies on hand at home for guests and casual afternoons. Enjoy the possibilities of coozies by expanding your imagination challenging yourself to find even better uses that these!

Coozies for Your Home
You don’t have to give coozies away as gifts. You can buy your own set of coozies for your home instead. If you have people over frequently, think of how often those bottles and cans become confused with each other. You can separate all of the various drinks by serving them in custom coozies. Wine drinkers have glasses marked with little charms to help party guests tell them apart if they set the glasses down.

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