How to use personalized koozies

Personalized items are a fun way to celebrate companies and personal events. Inexpensive to order and useful in the extreme, you can find any number of uses for personalized items like koozies once you start getting creative.

Offer personalized Koozies as swag at conferences and events.
Everyone likes to get something free, and what better to offer customers than a personalized koozie? If you’re hosting a booth at a professional event, you can build favor with customers by offering them personalized koozies.

They will enjoy the koozie at home or work later and your company contact or brand information is right in front of them all the time. If you want to make your personalized koozie even more profound and memorable, stick cheap bottles of ice water inside the koozies before you distribute them – conference attendees will love you for it.

Use personalized koozies as souvenirs for family events.
Think of family reunions. If you have a large enough gathering, you might buy everyone a shirt to wear. But why buy just a shirt? Order a case of personalized koozies and your family will all have a useful, fun way to remember the gathering.

Not only will it make an excellent souvenir of the family event, but the personalized koozies can also be used during the actual event, especially if your family members spend a lot of time sitting in rockers visiting or taking drinks out in boats or on hikes. Useful, fun and easy to make special, personalized koozies are a great way to make a family event memorable.

Establish brands with personalized koozies at company events.
You can use the personalized koozies with your clients or family, and you can use them just as easily with your employees back at work. When your company or business launches a new initiative or reaches out to employees with praise or a new focus, help your company remember what that focus is during your big push. Custom Koozies are an inexpensive and highly visible way to promote messages and focus within your company.

A much smaller component of the koozies is the confidence it inspires in your employees. This is still a difficult economy and many employees might be looking for signs of layoffs or a lost confidence in the business. Buying your employees small gifts and delivering them in an upbeat method will go a long way toward inspiring confidence in your company and giving your employees a bit of peace of mind.

After all, if you’re delivering drinks in personalized koozies, you’re certainly not making plans to reduce your workforce to save money. This confidence might even boost productivity a bit – all from a few personalized koozies.

Make Personalized Koozies Your Business Card
It can be a challenge to hand over a business card when you’re having guests over without seeming pushy. But if you’re having another couple over for drinks, keep it casual and offer a cold bottle wrapped inside your personalized koozie. At the end of the evening, simply let your friends keep the koozie – now they have your contact information.

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