Stadium Cups for Events

There are only a few types of gifts that employees and guests like to get. Gifts that can be used, gifts that can be eaten and gifts that can be spent. If you’re not planning on offering your party guests gift cards or candy bars, why not offer them something that can truly be useful – stadium cups are hugely popular at various sporting events not only because they hold a truly astonishing amount of water, soda or beer, but because they can be taken home as a souvenir at the end of the event.

Thanks to customizable stadium cups for events that you can order online, you can create the exact same effect. Your clients or employees will be excited to see the stadium cups and be enthusiastic about taking them home and putting the cups to continued use. This amounts to a boost of good will and very effective, strategically placed marketing – especially if you design something especially memorable or fun to be printed on the stadium cups for events.

The Company Picnic
Imagine the company picnic sponsored by the company every spring. The event might be held at a different venue every year or perhaps something that is done on the company grounds. Regardless, have enough stadium cups printed up for the event and you’ll be able to use them for every drink served during the course of the day. Many establishments are agreeable to using your own stadium cups for events if you’ve cleared this ahead of time.

Every cup used in the event is a reminder of a particular slogan or message for your company – perhaps your mission or your brand. The heavy duty plastic cups you’ve ordered and offered to your employees are a great take-away from the event as well, sending your message home with visitors and employees to see and remember virtually all waking hours.

Specialized Events
Check with your local sports complexes to see if they are open to donated stadium cups for various events. For example, a minor league baseball team that practices or plays in your area might be the perfect place to pick up some new clients or at least build some name recognition. The same can be true of a hockey rink or even a high school football stadium located near you.

Check with the owners of the establishment and see if they are open to using your donated stadium cups for events. If so, you’ll be getting your brand and your name out there for everyone to see without being pushy – a simple form of marketing that can easily bring about plenty of business, especially if the cups are sturdy enough to take home and be constant reminder of your company and what you offer the community.

Stadium Cups for Events
If you’re always looking for ways to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your employees and target market, handy items like stadium cups for events are easy keep on hand and even easier to put to good use as the occasion presents itself.

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