Get creative with koozies, great ideas on how to use Custom koozies!

Trying to think of a fun way to be creative? Why not take an old classic and use it in a totally different way? Koozies are one of the easiest ways to personalize a particular message, and the number of possible uses for the Custom Koozies is almost endless, once you turn on your creative juices.

Koozies as Party Favors
If you have a particularly funny expression cooked up for a friend’s birthday party, why not use it on a custom koozie? You can print the funny saying as an official quote from the guest of honor, or make up one on his behalf so long as he’s a good sport. Then, when everyone gets together, use the Custom koozies as a fun way to introduce the true spirit of a good party when he realizes that his favorite saying is the inspiration behind the whole thing.

Imagine, for example, a roomful of Custom koozies holding your favorite bottled beverage sporting quotes like,

“I’m aged to perfection!”  - John Example

“I thought I lost a few pounds, but then I found them on my backside.” – Jane Example

“I’m not losing my hair; it’s just migrating down my back.” – John Example

Funny quotes, especially ones that are already true and rather popular in your group of friends are the perfect way to introduce a roast or a birthday party for someone with a great sense of humor.

Custom Koozies as Wedding Favors
On that same token, but with perhaps a bit more of a serious nature, you can use koozies as wedding or party favors for events that are a bit more momentous. If you’re having a casual wedding complete with bottled or canned beverages, why not have them served in a special koozie designed to feature the monogram of the bride or a special message from the bride and groom?

Sure you won’t find anything in Emily Post about the propriety of busing beer koozies in a wedding reception, but if you’re offering bottles of beer, why not offer them up in a special koozie your friends you can take home to enjoy at the end of the big event? It sure beats those candied almonds that are too hard to even bite that are so popular with so many brides today.

Koozies as Casual Business Cards
If you have friends over often, but you don’t like to hand out your business card, you can simply hand out koozies instead. Imagine everyone kicking back by the pool with a cold bottle in hand, protected by a custom koozie.

At the end of the afternoon, everyone has had a great time and the koozies can go home with your friends to help them remember not only what a great guy you are, but as a visible reminder of what you can offer your friends should the need ever arise that they need your services. This tactic works best on a particular demographic, of course, so consider your market carefully ahead of time.

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